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The Medicare Crisis Myth and Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s plan to “reform” Medicare is really a plan to slowly privatize it.

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The elderly are the most costly to insure because their needs tend to be the costliest (conversely, the young and healthy are the easiest to insure, which is why their premiums are the lowest). Rather than expecting retirees to foot the bill for the most expensive health care plans out there, there’s a bucket we all pay into which insures the elderly have access to affordable health care.

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The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services shows that private sector insurance costs have risen faster than medicare costs.

Is Medicare Really Bankrupt?
Paul Ryan and others would have you believe that Medicare is in danger and the Read more

Paul Ryan’s 6 Independent Studies

During the debate, Paul Ryan ‘addressed’ the Tax Policy’s assessment that the Romney Tax plan’s math doesn’t add up (he claims he’ll cut taxes across the board, and that this plan will be revenue neutral because it will make up the difference by closing loopholes–the problem is that this only works if those tax loopholes include tax credits for middle income earners, who would in effect see their tax burden increase) by citing 6 studies that supposedly negate the study.  The only problems is that these ‘studies’ are really a collection of blogs posts, articles and best off all, a draft written by Romney’s own campaign. Sadly, this is what passes for policy debate these days, and it’s overwhelmingly Republicans who are stuck on the wrong side of analysis provided by non-partisan sources (and subsequently have to rely on partisan players as reference). Read more

The Biden-Ryan Debate

Paul Ryan lies WAY faster than I can type…but here it goes…

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