May 30, 2024

Fact and Myth Mission Statement

Welcome to the Mission Statement

The goal of Fact and Myth is simple: to cover current events and politics with a facts-based approach, devoid of ideology. Our approach is positive, as opposed to normative. For example, whether we think a policy is “good” or “bad” based on a particular ideology is irrelevant. What matters to us are the effects of said policy.

For example, when addressing particular legislation or policy proposals, what we won’t take into account is whether a larger or smaller government is “good” or “bad.” We at Fact and Myth believe the user can decide these normative questions for themselves, based on their own beliefs and values. What we WILL factor in, is the actual effects of said legislation, or the likely results of said policy proposals, all based on the available data and preponderance of the evidence.

We are here to use facts, logic, and history in an arena where pet ideologies, unfortunately, tend to not merely cloud the judgment, but outright determine the position of countless political pundits and think tanks.

Fact and Myth