Bernie Sanders has taken US politics by storm.  While conventional wisdom holds that a ascribed Democratic Socialist with no Super PAC would be able to compete with the powerhouse support of someone like Hillary Clinton, Sanders has apparently not received the notice. He polls well within both the Democratic base as well as the general electorate.

Sanders has a long history of activism and political office.  His activism includes the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and some peace and antiwar movements.  During his attendance at the University of Chicago, he was a member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.  His political offices have included being mayor, and a member of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

While Sanders supporters will take exception to this, he has been regarded as the mirror image of Donald Trump.  While their policies could not be more different, both men appear to have tapped into a general discontent with ‘politics as usual.’



Bernie Sanders

Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Currently serving as the junior senator for Vermont, Sander’s political career has spanned over three decades. He states he is a secular Jew that does not subscribe to an organized religion. His political career has coincided with his activism, in particular his support of the […]