Donald Trump’s Racism Accusations

Donald Trump Facts

In 2015, Donald Trump kick started his campaign with a speech that included the claim that Mexico was sending people with problems, and that many such people were rapists. The speech also included the unveiling of his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border for the sake of stopping illegal immigration.

Pundits were quick to cite racism. Since this time, Donald Trump has made other statements that have only increased the accusation, and has caused him to lose support even from fellow Republicans. Here is a partial list of the statements that many believe either show he’s a racist, or at least courting racist elements of the Republican party.  He has:Continue reading

Facts & Timeline: Donald Trump Veteran Fundraiser/Donations

Donald Trump Facts

January 28, 2016
Donald Trump foregoes GOP debate in order to host fundraiser for veterans.

May 24, 2016
In his interview with The Washington Post, Donald Trump is grilled on the status of these donations

May 30, 2016
Donald Trump holds a press conference announcing the amount of money that has gone out, lambaste’s media for ‘negativity‘ and claims he hadn’t made the announcement sooner because he wasn’t looking for credit.

May 31, 2016
Follow up investigations show that about half of the checks were written on May 24th (the day of the Washington Post interview where Donald Trump was questioned on these donations).