The Truth about Sanctuary Cities

illegal immigration
Myth: Sanctuary cities are a haven for criminal activity.

Fact: Evidence shows that Sanctuary cities experience less crime and unemployment, and higher median income.

What are Sanctuary Cities?

The idea that sanctuary cities are cities where no immigration laws are enforced (or even where undocumented immigrants are not subject to typical laws in general) combined with politically-motivated rhetoric from the Trump administration and elsewhere have left a misleading impression as to the true nature and effects of sanctuary cities.Continue reading

Border ‘Crisis’ is about Refugees not Immigration Policy

Myth: The US borders are being flooded with immigrants and our immigration laws are being ignored by Obama and other public officials

Fact: The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, signed into law under George W Bush (to address child sex-trafficking), along with several previous Acts, makes it illegal to send away unaccompanied children from non-congruous countries. As these children are from Central American countries (not Mexico as is often assumed), they fall under this provision and can’t simply be turned away. Federal officials are actually trying to change/modify this so they can in fact begin turning such people away. In fact, some have already been sent back.

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