Ron Paul 2012: Ron Paul on the Economy & Federal Reserve

Ron Paul’s Policies

Ron Paul is a bit of a phenomenon.  His message of expanding personal freedoms and getting government out of the way in order to let free enterprise thrive certainly hits home with many people (who isn’t in favor of expanding personal freedoms and a healthier economy?).  However, while he has certainly gathered an enthusiastic (largely young) fan base, the disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality of his policies continues to keep him from becoming a true GOP contender.

Ron Paul on Personal Liberty and Civil Rights Act of 1964

Ron Paul’s vision of personal freedoms is highly subjective.  His idea of personal freedoms simply means the federal government shouldn’t have a say in private matters (ie. gay marriage, drug use, abortion, even segregation).  What this means is, women’s rights to choose is up to the state.  If California wants to allow abortions while Texas wants to completely ban them, that is a state matter and the federal government should have no right to overrule Texas law.  Likewise with drug use and even segregation.  In fact. Ron Paul openly opposes the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  What all this translates to is that Ron Paul doesn’t feel that the federal government should have a say in matters of personal freedoms.  States themselves can have their say.Continue reading