Democrat vs Republican

The Difference Between Republican/GOP and Democratic Parties are Real

The myth that there is no difference between Democratic and Republican Party is actually quite common (especially among disgruntled Libertarians).  But this is demonstrably false. Regardless of which party you agree with (or if you believe they are both full of it), a quick look at their voting pattern on key legislation shows a stark contrast.  Here are a few significant bills that have been voted on strictly along party lines.

The GOP fought Obama on numerous policies and even broke the record for filibusters, (which negated the democratic majorities in the House and Senate). This is no surprise, as Mitch McConnell is famously quoted as saying that the GOP’s priority should be to deny Obama a second term.

filibusters Obama

There is a myth that the Democrats had a filibuster-proof majority (aka a supermajority). This supermajority only existed for a month, and it was only on paper.  The Democrats technically gained 60 seats when Al Franken was finally sworn in on July 2009 (well after the elections).  But by this time both Senator Boyd and Kennedy were hospitalized. a Ted Kennedy). Ted Kennedy would pass away the following month.

Here are some of the bills they famously fought Obama on.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

unemployment rate stimulkus

Also known as the Stimulus Package. This passed with zero GOP votes from the House and only three Senate Republicans. This bill is often credited with helping turn around the economy and most economists (meaning, virtually every “economist” not employed by a right-wing think tank or) seem to have a positive view of the ARRA.

obama stimulus package

The American Jobs Act

American Jobs Act

This would-be follow up to the ARRA would have created an extra 2 million jobs according to Moody’s Analytics. It was voted down by the GOP Senate. Of course, the GOP would pay for this, as the electorate would indeed blame the slow recovery on GOP obstruction but this would be of little consolation to those struggling under the slow recovery.

oabama jobs

Also worth noting is the change in troop levels since Obama has taken office.
obama iraq afghanistan troop levels

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