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The History of the Business Mogul Donald Trump

Donald Trump Facts

Donald Trump is someone who has used marketing and business knowledge to his advantage. It is almost impossible to turn on the TV or go onto the internet and not see something about Donal Trump. There are very few out there who have the fame that Donald Trump has. Now that he is running for office, there are many different questions that are being asked about Trump. These questions are not easily answered, as many individuals do not want to focus on the backstory of Trump. Instead, they are too caught up in surface issues that are facing them on a more regular basis.

Where did Donald Trump attend College?

One of the biggest questions that people ask about Trump is where he went to college. Trump attended Fordham University for the first two years of his college career. However, Trump found that he was not able to study the subject that captivated his attention the most at this university. It was at this time that Trump decided he must attend The Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania. The Wharton School of Business was the first accredited University that had a department in real estate studies. Trump knew from a very early age that this was the industry that he was destined to go into. In 1968, Trump graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics. Trump’s education gave him a foundation on which to build his empire upon. Trump also learned a great deal from the family business while he was going to college. Many would say that his time in the family business was as great of an education as his formal education as well.

How did Donald Trump make his Money?

A great tale to tell is the story of how Trump actually made his money. To accurately tell this story, it is important to look at the history of Trump’s family. The journey all began when Trump’s grandfather emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1885. Trump’s Grandfather moved to New York and learned how to be a barber. It was his son, Fred who really created the Trump legacy that we know today. Fred and his mother Elizabeth started a small construction company named, “Elizabeth Trump and Son.” This construction company was a huge success and gave Fred the money to start investing in real estate. Fred Trump started investing in building homes in Queens. This was the real start of the Trump real estate empire. Later on, Trump started building rental apartments and expanding into Brooklyn as well. By the time the 70s rolled around, Fred Trump had many millions of dollars due to his success in the real estate industry.

Donald Trump and Real Estate

Donald Trump knew that he wanted to succeed greatly in the real estate industry, but he needed help. His father was the main reason he was able to get started in the real estate industry. Many believe that Donald Trump was only helped by his father from a 1 million dollar loan. However, Trump’s father helped him to secure loans from banks up to 100 million dollars. It also didn’t hurt that in 1974 Trump inherited his father’s real estate company along with his brothers. This added a fresh 40 million dollars into his line of capital.

Donald Trump used this money to expand into the more luxurious Manhattan. This is where Trump became well known for his Trump Plaza, Trump Hotel, and other great additions to the manhattan area. Trump then branched out into other industries such as golf courses, resorts, restaurants, and more. Trump has invested in airlines, a university, sports teams, and more. He has had a difficult time maintaining the longevity of some of these endeavors. Trump has been very successful when it comes to licensing his name out to other developers. He has also found success in his reality TV show career. He has been a success as an author, and throughout his real estate career.

How much is Donald Trump worth?

A big question that people ask about Trump is how much he is actually worth. This is a subject that has much controversy behind it as Trump continues to claim that publications just can’t estimate his net worth correctly. Recently Forbes claimed that Trump was worth 4.5 billion dollars. Trump refuted this statement saying that he was worth 10 billion dollars. Forbes has recently estimated that since Trump has begun to run for office his net worth has dropped by 125 million. Trump stated that last year he had an income of 362 million dollars. It is hard to check this, but it makes his claims of a 10 billion dollar net worth hard to believe.

Trump claims that one of his biggest assets is his brand. Trump states that his brand is worth 3 billion dollars. However, only years ago, Forbes estimated his brand at only being worth 125 million dollars. These numbers are not even close to each other, so it is very difficult to know just who has the right estimate on the value of his brand. Trump and his four brothers inherited their father’s real estate business in 1974. The company was then valued at 200 million dollars. Trumps share would have been 40 million dollars. If he were to invest this money wisely, estimates are that his worth now would be much closer to 4 billion dollars than 10 billion dollars. It is very hard to know exactly how much money Trump has, but publications all around the world are in a general consensus that Tump is worth much closer to 4 billion than 10 billion dollars.

Political Spotlight

Overall, it is interesting to look at Trump now that he is in the political limelight. While many may not enjoy the business or political practices of Trump, they cannot deny the success that Trump has had in marketing his own name around the world. Trump is a name and a face that we have all grown to know through reality TV, real estate developments, books, and now politics. It will be interesting to see how the political career of Trump develops in the coming months.

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