Jobs and Economic Recovery 2012

Republican Gridlock & Obstructionism – Fact or Myth?

Update: Poll: Voters Increasingly Believe GOP Sabotaging Economy

Like I keep saying, the GOP’s main priority is helping Americans regain their jobs doing what they can prevent Obama from being reelected.  The last thing they want is a healthier economy going into the 2012 elections, as they are banking on a bad economy to blame President Obama for (and a voting population to vote along those lines).  Whether it’s switching to false crisis’ like the debt or manufactured “scandals” like Solyndra, helping Americans regain their jobs is the least of the GOP’s priorities.

Te Party Nation founder Judson Phillips has openly encouraged small businesses to stop hiring. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has openly stated that preventing an Obama re-election is his single most important goal.

 Filibusters reach an all-time high thanks to Republicans

GOP Republican filibusters under Obama

Below is a timeline of Republican Obstructionism (Click to enlarge)


republican / GOP Job / economic plan for 2012

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