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Last Man Standing Cancelled Meme

tim allen last man standing cancelled meme

‘Last Man Standing’ starring Tim Allen was cancelled in May 2017. This meme began circulating, in an attempt to spread the idea that the show was cancelled due to its conservative bent and/or because Tim Allen admitted he attempted Trump’s inauguration. Like most memes, it is an argument by way of omission. We’ve appended the omitted facts.

The Facts: ABC cancelled all of their Friday comedies. They didn’t own the show and only collected advertising revenues. The show’s aging audience (50+) meant lower ad revenues since advertisers target people below 50, as they are more likely to switch brands. Coming up on the 6th season, meant costs were going to rise due to pay increases. Roseanne, which also appeals to a conservative audience is set to return to ABC. About 2 months passed in between Allen’s admission and the show’s cancellation.

Fact and Myth
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