Few subjects are the source of such controversy as the growing US debt and deficit. We break down the facts behind the growing disparity between tax revenues and spending in order to come up with a clearer picture behind the cause.

What causes the rising debt and deficit?

How much is due to increased spending as opposed to slashed revenues due to tax rate decreases or an economic downturn?  What policies have led to the increased debt and deficit? How to we split the blame between the Democrats and Republicans?  Is it all Obama or Bush’s fault?  And what’s the right way to measure the US debt and deficit?

democrat vs republican debt
Deficit and Debt

The Politics of Bad Analogies: It’s the Drain Stupid

What happens when you mix clever but simple ‘sound byte’ cartoons with somewhat complicated political issues?  Sometimes you get bad analogies.  And these bad analogies often just serve to confuse and misinform viewers.  In the cartoon below, the elephant (Republican) and donkey (Democrat) argue over whether to reduce he leakage by one or two drops, […]

Deficit and Debt

Cutting Entitlement Spending and Slashing Medicare & Social Security

[Opt7_Microdata_Review_1781107129]Quick Fact 1: Senate Republicans are filibustering the bill Senate Democrats have crafted Quick Fact 2: John Boehner uses the excuse that the Senate has yet to provide a bill Quick Fact 3: The White House’s alternative budget is on the WH website (and has been for some time). As the budget debate heats up the GOP will […]

Deficit and Debt

The Deficit/Debt Problem & Federal Revenue – Obama vs Bush

Updates: U.S. Budget Deficit Narrows in First Nine Months of Fiscal Year Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?  Obama spending binge never happened The trillion dollar deficit that Obama inherited has been cut in half The US federal debt and budget deficit debate is one of the more politically […]