Republican & Tea Party Racism: Facts & Myths


The Democratic Party’s Historical Racism
The Republican Party begins pandering to Racism
Richard Nixon & the Southern Strategy
Ronald Regan panders to Racism
Was Martin Luther King Jr a Republican?

Does the Social Safety net hurt minorities?
Wealth Disparity Across Nations
The small-government agenda of the party of racists
The Free Market and Segregation
Republican & Tea Party Sentiment


Cliven Bundy’s racist remarks

The 2014 events with rancher Cliven Bundy and his refusal to remove his cattle from federal lands has reinvigorated the federal authority/state’s rights debate. Recent “racist” remarks from Bundy have created a controversy.

Are Republicans Racist?

GOP Party RacismMost people who vote Republican no doubt vote out of the belief that the Republican Party is the right choice (or at least preferable to Democratic Party).  And racist sentiments likely have absolutely no bearing on their decisions.  However, it is well established that the Republican Party began catering to racist sentiments in the late 1960’s using tactics that still appear to be in practice (more on this below).  What’s more: there certainly appears to still exist a racist Republican voting bloc, and this is largely displayed in the electoral map, where the south came to be dominated by the Republican Party as the aforementioned tactics came into play.

Republican/GOP Racism: The History

Something that’s rarely mentioned is how the voting power of the modern Republican party is largely grounded in racist sentiments that grew out of racist disfavor toward:

  1. A Democratic administration who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  2. A subsequent switch of African Americans who began voting Democrat due to policy changes in Republican circles intended to gain the ‘anti-black’ vote.

The Democratic Party’s Historical Racism

It’s no secret that historically, it had been the Democratic Party who had catered to racist sentiment.  Abraham Lincoln was himself a Republican  (as Republicans happily point out).  Martin Luther King was also a Republican in his day.  But what people generally overlook is this: After 1964, when the Civil Rights Act passed under a Democratic administration, America’s racists switched to the Republican Party.  The history of the electoral map makes this quite clear. reading

Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips Accused of Racism

judson phillips tea party nationPat Buchanan recently appeared on the radio program The Political Cesspool to promote his new book.  As a result, Color of Change has sent an open letter asking MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan.  In his defense, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips has written an open letter, which starts off with a bit of a disclaimer:

I am no fan of Pat Buchanan…Despite my opinions of Pat Buchanan, he is clearly a man of accomplishment who does very intelligently express the sentiments of parts of the conservative movement.  It is no shock that the left is going after him….

So in short, Phillips disassociates himself with Pat Buchanan’s views while attacking “the left.” He continues:Continue reading