Zbigniew Jaworowski’s Climate Change/Ice Core Critique (Debunked)

Myth: Zbigniew Jaworowski disproved (insert random climate change denier argument about glacial studies and ice cores here).
Fact: Zbigniew Jaworowski’s claims are rejected among other Glacial experts, as being based on old, outdated methods that have been since improved upon.

Zbigniew Jaworowsk (1927-2011) was a Polish physician who is sometimes referenced by climate change deniers as having somehow having disproved the validity of the ice cores as they are used in relation to studying climate change. Other glacial experts reject his criticisms as they address old methods that are no longer used to study ice cores. Here is a response by Hans Oeschger, PhD and Professor of Physics at The University of Bern (Switzwerland).  See Full Article.

This also highlights a recurring theme with climate change denial (and it mirrors evolution denial). Deniers often cling to studies/papers conducted b scientists not taken seriously in their respective field. Because their work isn’t taken seriously, there are few if any responses within the scientific community. The result is that deniers will cling to these papers/studies and there exists little/no publicly accessible responses to these studies because they were never taken seriously. However, the public at large is mostly unable to discern between fact and myth when it comes to these topics.

This gives deniers a systemic advantage, especially since scientists who aren’t taken seriously and are ignored by scientific organizations will publish their findings in popular media, where no peer review process exists. An uninformed public has little if any way to discern the validity of these claims.

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