Conspiracy Theory

Natural News Reports on Clinton-Trump Debate before it Happens

On September 8th, Natural News reported that Hillary Clinton cheated in her debate with Donald Trump by using an earpiece.  There are two problems:

  1. The first debate isn’t scheduled until September 26th.
    2-As shown by Snopes, other pictures of Clinton show no apparent object in her ear

Natural News Reports Clinton cheated in Debate with Trump

Here are other images of Clinton’s head during the forum:

Clinton Earpiece

If the article is satire similar to those posted by The Onion, the article commenters don’t seem to be aware of it.  However the article appears to be a misunderstanding of a Tweet sent out by James Woods who claims she was wearing an earpiece during a Townhall forum, which Natural News mistakenly reported as a debate with Trump.

Natural News Comments



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