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The Fabricated Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

Hours ago, the secret service rushed Donald Trump off stage during a rally speech after a small scuffle erupted near the stage. Rumors of a gun (which the secret service never found) soon surfaced on social media.

The apparent “threat” was anti-Trump Republican named Austyn Crites. He was holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign and, as he describes:

When I pulled out the sign, people around me were trying to grab the sign. And so all that was occurring was booing, of course, that’s what you would expect.” He told the TV station the situation suddenly escalated: “…bam, I get tackled by all these people who were just, like, kicking me and grabbing me in the crotch and just, just beating the crap out of me.” Them, he said, somebody yelled about a gun and “things really got out of hand.

So who shot Donald Trump?

As internet rumors often do, the belief in a Donald Trump assassination attempt has expanded and includes assumptions that he was actually shot.  The answer of course, is no one.

“Austin Crites shows up in Wikileaks 7 times”

Another twist in this scenario is the claim that Austin Crites shows up in Wikileaks 7 times, While a search for “Austin Crites” in the Global Intelligence Files (meaning this has nothing to do with the Clinton/DNC leaks, this is a separate Wikileaks dump) returns 7 results, it appears that two of them aren’t exact matches. His name is mentioned on what appears to be contact lists/databases.

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