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How Much Is An Eisenhower Dollar Worth?

How Much Is An Eisenhower Dollar Worth? will depend upon its condition and variety. While most Eisenhower dollars consist of copper-nickel alloy material and are therefore only worth $1 in perfect condition, those containing more silver could fetch several times that amount in mint condition. In addition, error or mint marks on an Eisenhower dollar could significantly boost its value.

The Eisenhower dollar coin was first produced and issued as legal tender in 1971, featuring President Eisenhower on one side and an eagle on the other. Over 160 million were manufactured and distributed to banks nationwide – however some coins have seen increases in value due to rarity and collector interest.

Among modern coins, one of the rarest modern pieces is the 1976 No S Proof Eisenhower Silver Dollars produced in San Francisco but lacking S mint mark that is normally present on other Eisenhower Silver Dollars – and has since sold well above face value.

Other rare Eisenhower dollar varieties with Peg Leg or Earth features on their reverse can still fetch good prices; although not as valuable as 1976 No S Proof edition.

Individuals interested in collecting Eisenhower Dollars should keep an eye out for coins graded by professional coin grading services, such as NGC or PCGS, since these coins tend to fetch higher values than ungraded examples. Collectors looking for high-end Eisenhower Dollars might consider purchasing ones graded deep cameo, which are highly sought-after among collectors.

One method of verifying that an Eisenhower Dollar is made of pure silver is by looking at its edge for a solid copper stripe; otherwise, the coin could contain clad and not genuine silver. Furthermore, as some coins could have been struck on nickel planchets instead of pure silver ones when produced, it’s essential that mint marks and coin types be taken into consideration before concluding it as genuine.

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