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Did Joe Biden Pass the Bar Exam?

In the world of American politics, questions about the qualifications and credentials of elected officials are not uncommon. One such query that has emerged regarding President Joe Biden is whether he passed the bar exam. In this blog post, we will explore the facts surrounding President Biden’s legal career and his success on the bar exam.

Joe Biden’s Legal Education

Before we delve into the bar exam, let’s first understand President Biden’s legal education. Biden attended the University of Delaware for his undergraduate studies and then pursued a law degree at Syracuse University College of Law, graduating in 1968.

Legal Career

Following law school, Joe Biden embarked on a career in law and public service. He practiced law in Wilmington, Delaware, and became involved in local politics. In 1972, Biden was elected to the United States Senate, where he served for 36 years before becoming vice president under Barack Obama.

Bar Exam

To practice law in the United States, aspiring lawyers typically need to pass the bar examination in the state(s) where they intend to practice. It is important to note that each state has its own requirements and procedures for the bar exam.

Concerning Joe Biden, it is widely known that he practiced law in Delaware. In the state of Delaware, attorneys are admitted to the bar through a process that does not require passing a traditional bar exam. Instead, Delaware follows a unique system known as the “Delaware Way,” where aspiring attorneys are admitted after being nominated by a committee and receiving approval from the state Supreme Court.


To directly answer the question, Joe Biden did not pass a traditional bar exam because it was not required in Delaware. Instead, he was admitted to the Delaware bar through the alternative process known as the “Delaware Way.” It is important to understand that different states have different requirements for bar admission, and not all states necessitate passing a bar exam.

While President Biden did not follow the typical path of passing a bar exam, his legal education and experience are important aspects of his career. Additionally, it is worth noting that his accomplishments extend far beyond the legal profession, with decades of service as a senator and vice president.

When discussing the qualifications of politicians, it is crucial to provide accurate information and context. Understanding the specifics of Delaware’s unique admission process sheds light on President Biden’s legal career and helps address the question at hand.

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