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Climate Change and the 97% Consensus among Climatologists

Climate Change Consensus 97%

The “97% Climatologist agreement” claim is based on the fact that 97% of related a articles published in peer-reviewed journals and that actually take a position in their abstracts agree that climate change is real and largely caused by humans.  Most “counterarguments” omit these specifics.  Other studies have reached similar conclusions.

The 97% Consensus

In reality, seven separate studies/surveys have shown a consensus among climatologists. These studies were conducted by:

However, most critics seem to only know about John Cook’s or conflate Cook’s study with a different one (for example,

The 97% Consensus

The “97% climate change consensus” claim is based on (multiple) studies of climate change papers submitted in peer review journals (meaning, scientific journals where other subject matter experts can critique it). 97% of these papers with abstracts that actually take a position on the whether climate change is real and caused by human activity do so in the positive.

The fact that this is specific to papers whose abstracts take an actual position is relevant here. On one hand, it’s generally regarded as fact among climatologists that this climate change is real, and largely caused by human activity, and there is no need to take a “position” (imagine Paleontology papers taking an assertive position on evolution; There is simply no need to at this point). Read more