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Natural News Reports on Clinton-Trump Debate before it Happens

On September 8th, Natural News reported that Hillary Clinton cheated in her debate with Donald Trump by using an earpiece.  There are two problems:

  1. The first debate isn’t scheduled until September 26th.
    2-As shown by Snopes, other pictures of Clinton show no apparent object in her ear

Natural News Reports Clinton cheated in Debate with Trump

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Google Auto Suggest and Hillary Clinton Searches

A recent SourceFed video compared Google auto suggest behavior to Google Trend searches to suggest that Google is burying “Hillary Clinton Criminal investigation” as a search suggestion. The video makes the case by noting that an initiated search for “Hillary Clinton Crimes” does not give the actual search phrases as a possible auto-complete option; this despite the fact that Google Trends shows more search volume for “Hillary Clinton Crimes” than for the search phrases it does suggest. Furthermore, it draws a comparison for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders by showing results for “Donald Trump racist” and “Bernie Sanders socialist.” Read more