Google Auto Suggest and Hillary Clinton Searches

A recent SourceFed video compared Google auto suggest behavior to Google Trend searches to suggest that Google is burying “Hillary Clinton Criminal investigation” as a search suggestion. The video makes the case by noting that an initiated search for “Hillary Clinton Crimes” does not give the actual search phrases as a possible auto-complete option; this despite the fact that Google Trends shows more search volume for “Hillary Clinton Crimes” than for the search phrases it does suggest. Furthermore, it draws a comparison for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders by showing results for “Donald Trump racist” and “Bernie Sanders socialist.”Continue reading

Bernie Sanders and the 90% Tax Rate Myth

Myth: Bernie Sanders has called for a 90% tax rate

Fact: Bernie Sanders’ tax plan has been released, and it is a top marginal tax rate of 52% (meaning income above $10,000,000 would be taxed at that rate). The 90% figure comes from his alluding to the fact that the top marginal tax rate has been as high as 92% (including under Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower) with no apparent loss in economic growth.

A History of the Top Marginal Tax Rate

The chart below shows the history of the top marginal tax rate in the US. From the great depression until John F Kennedy, it remained near 90%. Under JFK, the rate would be lowered to around 70% where it would remain until t would be reduced further under President Reagan. Today’s 39% is actually quite low in relation to the post world war 2 years.Continue reading

Donald Trump Facts

2016 ElectionDonald Trump Facts

Controversial Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s political historical has been full of controversy.  From pushing the Obama Birth certificate conspiracy to essentially claiming that undocumented immigrants from Mexico were rapists (or large;y so), Donald Trump has really stirred a hornet’s nest.  A number of anti-Donald Trump sites rankings from giving people the option of punching or pooping on Donald Trump have arisen (in fact, 54% of Americans apparently want to punch him).  On the other hand, he is apparently popular enough for a cottage industry of apparel (including ugly Christmas sweaters) to be built around him. Who is the man behind all of the controversy?  Here we’ll take a deep dive on Donald Trump.

How old is Donald Trump?

You probably have wondered just how many years of experience this radical conservative presidential candidate could have in life and business? Well, the 69 year old born on June 14, 1969 will turn 70 this year, by the time of the general election. This would make ‘The Donald’ the oldest U.S. president at the time of election. Ronald Reagan is currently the president who was the oldest when he left office at 69 in 1980.Continue reading

The History of the Business Mogul Donald Trump

Donald Trump Facts

Donald Trump is someone who has used marketing and business knowledge to his advantage. It is almost impossible to turn on the TV or go onto the internet and not see something about Donal Trump. There are very few out there who have the fame that Donald Trump has. Now that he is running for office, there are many different questions that are being asked about Trump. These questions are not easily answered, as many individuals do not want to focus on the backstory of Trump. Instead, they are too caught up in surface issues that are facing them on a more regular basis.Continue reading

Is Bernie Sanders Jewish

Bernie Sanders Facts and Myths

If Senator Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and is elected as the President of the United States, he will be the first Jewish President in the nation’s history. Although Sanders does not describe himself as particularly religious, his roots are in Judaism with a deep family history in Poland. As with many Jewish families who immigrated to the United States in the age of the Holocaust, their Jewish faith is deeply intertwined with this difficult history.Continue reading