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Donald Trump has taken the political scene by storm.  Originally drawing controversy for his immigration comments where he arguably claimed (this depends on how (un)charitably one decides to take his comments) that most immigrants were rapists, Trump has drawn a grassroots following and attracted the ire of his political opponents.

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Trump Makes Headway with Conservatives on Healthcare Bill
Trump: I feel 'somewhat' vindicated by House Intel chair's revelations
DonaldTrump offers Theresa May full US cooperation and support: world reaction to
Westminster terror attack
Trump seeks health care triumph _ so he can move on
Trump and the GOP are in a furious push to save 'Trumpcare' from disaster
DonaldTrump Jr. Criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan Right After the Parliament Terror
DonaldTrump Jr sparks storm over terror comments made by London Mayor Sadiq Khan
Trump says he feels 'somewhat' vindicated by the House Intel Chairman's
disclosure on 'incidental' surveillance
Trump Wishes Persians A Happy Nowruz
DonaldTrump Jr criticised after ridiculing Mayor of London hours after Westminster

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