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Donald Trump has taken the political scene by storm.  Originally drawing controversy for his immigration comments where he arguably claimed (this depends on how (un)charitably one decides to take his comments) that most immigrants were rapists, Trump has drawn a grassroots following and attracted the ire of his political opponents.

Donald Trump Headlines

Trump’s China Policy Is a Paper Tiger
DonaldTrump will likely betray his white working-class voters
Donald and Melania Trump won’t be watching Oscars Sunday night: big surprise
DonaldTrump’s Walk Of Fame Star Vandal Gets No Jail Time
Trump Continues Tough Talk on Trade, Mexico
Trump Has Two White Houses
DonaldTrump's Attack on Trans Rights Proves He's Just a Puppet
DonaldTrump still calls Alex Jones for advice, claims the InfoWars founder and far
right conspiracy theorist
DonaldTrump faces backlash from inauguration singer Jackie Evancho on axeing
transgender school toilet rules
DonaldTrump inauguration singer urges US president to meet her transgender sister

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