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Donald Trump has taken the political scene by storm.  Originally drawing controversy for his immigration comments where he arguably claimed (this depends on how (un)charitably one decides to take his comments) that most immigrants were rapists, Trump has drawn a grassroots following and attracted the ire of his political opponents.

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DonaldTrump's Approval Rating Plunges As Popularity Nears All-Time Low in Latest Polls
Trump plans to release of JFK assassination documents despite concerns from
Trump to allow release of long-secret files on JFK assassination
DonaldTrump pledges to release John F. Kennedy's assassination files
Trump to allow release of JFK files
DonaldTrump Jr. Just Shared The Weirdest Picture Of His Dad
Trump Bashes 'Fake News Media,' Says He'll Release JFK Assassination Files
DonaldTrump releases ‘Stand for the National Anthem Petition’
DonaldTrump to Release JFK Files, Subject to 'Further Information'
DonaldTrump Plans to Allow Release of 'Long Blocked and Classified' JFK Files

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