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Donald Trump has taken the political scene by storm.  Originally drawing controversy for his immigration comments where he arguably claimed (this depends on how (un)charitably one decides to take his comments) that most immigrants were rapists, Trump has drawn a grassroots following and attracted the ire of his political opponents.

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Trump went off-script at CPAC. We fact checked it.
DonaldTrump jokes he ‘tries like hell to cover his bald spot’... so what’s the truth
about his bizarre hairdo?
DonaldTrump Touts NRA Plan To Arm Teachers At CPAC
DonaldTrump to announce 'largest ever' North Korea sanctions
Trump talks new gun measures, gun owners talk 'betrayal'
DonaldTrump is reminded of his empathy gap
DonaldTrump Jr. says he likes India's poor people because they 'smile'
Trump, Turnbull praise each other on immigration and taxes
DonaldTrump defends NRA as ‘great American patriots’ as he doubles down on call to arm
DonaldTrump Jr. visits India to help sell apartments

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